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Acupuncture Malaysia 2009-2010

Our Purpose

Our RIMAc Academy Logo
RIMAc is one of the biggest in Asian Countries.

Our Purpose and Mission of
Research Institute of Medical Acupuncture -RIMAc
under one unit of
The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia

Acupuncture Has Been In The world for the last 4000 years.
Now  Acupuncture has been recoginsed by most of the countries in the world.
Lets us join together to promote and develop this form of medication !
Welcome to Malaysia
Selamat datang !
Our Courses Started
Every Tuesday until complete ( Friday closed )
Daily Classes started From 9.30 am till 4.00 pm
New Intake For Year 2009 - 2010
Registration is Open Now - You may Apply Now
This is the only centre is Malaysia where, you will learn Classical Acupuncture - Theory & Practical / Clinical together at the same time. We have 20-30 patients daily at our hospital
at Gelang Mas, Meranti,
Pasir Mas , Kelantan, Malaysia
Our College & Hospital Biodata
Name of College:
Research Institute of Medical Acupuncture
Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia
122 Kg Gelang Mas, Meranti, Pasir Mas, Kelantan, Malaysia.
Tel :
Prof Nik Omar 019-9401915, 019-918 1915
11 acres of land at a typical Kelantanese Country side ( Kawasan Kampong)
Since 4 April 1979 ( more than 25 years in service)
Medical Centre / Hospital, lectrure hall can accomodate 200 students, lecture teater, with OHP, slide, CDs, 5 gazebo, 4 chalets, one in-patients wards 20 beds, girls/boys hostel, prof residence, staff residence, 20 horse stables, 4 fish ponds, one Japenese garden, sheep farm, fruit garden, etc.
One college van, one American Jeep, 3 cars, 4 bike, 2 big bike, 2 b/cycle
12 lecturers, including Prof Dr Nik Omar, Prof Mohd Nasir, Prof Mat Zin, Prof Che Musa, Prof Fairuz, Dr Lim Aik, Dr Khuzaimi, Dr Zaharah, Tutor: Nik Badrul Hakim, Mohd Izham, Mohd Yusoff, Mohd Azman, Mohd Amin, Siti & Norizan.
Medium of Lecture
English, Bahasa Melayu, Chinese, Urdu, Hindustani, Arabic
Courses Offered
All Complementary / Alternative Medicine, such as Homeopathy (US$1,5000.00) per year ( 2 years for Diploma 4 years for Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine for Malaysian Only ) Homeopathic Pharmacy (US$ 1,000.00),  ( Acupuncture (US$ 1,5000.00), Al-Hijamah (US$400.00 ) , Reflexology (US$300.00), Malay Medicine (RM 35000.00), Magnet Therapy(US$ 300.00).
Mode of Payment:
Bay Cash by RM$, US$, EURO$, S$ or by Bank Telegrafic Transfer.
Our Bank Account:
Name of Account: Fakulti Perubatan Homeopati Malaysia
Bank: OCBC Bank Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Account No: 755 101 9716


The World Health Organisation - WHO Interregional Seminar of Acupuncture , Moxibustion Anethesia was held in Beijing, China in June 1979, attended by participant from 12 countries. Its purpose was to discuss ways in which priorities and standards could be determined in the acupuncture areas of clinical work, research, training and technology transfer. The scientific investigation must be closely correlated with demonstration of acupuncture' clinical efficacy.
Our Purpose and Aim
The purpose of this instutute is to provide educational training both theory and practical in TCM , Oriental Medicine and Homeopathic Western Medicine designed to prepare student to meet the certification and lincensure requirement which was set together between TCM Umbrelly body and The Minsitry of Health Malaysia in year 2001.
Located at Kampong Gelang Mas, Pasir Mas, Kelantan, this Research Institute of Medical Acupuncture - RIMAC is one of the leading institution in the world for Alternative Medicines and Acupuncture education, clinical practice and research.
Our RIMac has two excellent educational and training centre open to students around the world who are interested in learning either Classical Chinese Medicine, Orinetal Medicine, Acupuncture, Classical Homeopathy, Al-Hijamah, etc
Our aim is to promote and develop the Oriental Medicine [ Chinese medicine ] - acupuncture available everywhere on earth for the benefit of mankind.
Educational Objectives
* Graduates will develop competency in treating various diseases according to classical Chinese Medicine.
* To develop understanding and skill of acupuncture practitioners
* To develop the competence of medical professionals to practice acupuncture as a tool in treating patients within the scope of their professional practice.
* To contribute to the provision of high quality of health care
* Graduates will be able to communicate in a professional manner with other health care providers for the purposes of referral and consultation.
Continuing Education Classes
This RIMAC academy makes a distinct effort to construct its curriculum toward advancing educational standards of TAM - Oriental Medicine . This level of education is comprehensive in scope and formatted for graduates to function as independent primary health-care provider
RIMac Malaysia Certificate and Diploma Program is perhaps the only one academic and clinical based medical acupuncture training program in Malaysia and Southe East Asia. It is designed to provide a strignent, controlled, structured, scientific program of Study.
Who Benefits ?
This course is designed to give you a good experience of TCM. It is suitable for general interest and for those persons interested to pursuing Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture further to a professional career.
For newcomers to Chinese medicine, this course is a pre-requisite to full-time acupuncture training. For anyone who want to help themselves through the development of self-awareness and self-healing, this course is ideal. Find out what has kept millions of people healthy over thousand of years.
According to what our Professor Nik Omar says " At the moment, Acupuncture is still the faith of the few, but shows few signs of becoming the faith of the many."
" At the moment in medical history, we are witnessing the new trend of millenium thinking where every where the people are turning to alternative therapies. According to the latest report in USA alone, more than half the population vistis alternative health practitioners, as opposed to ordinary medical system and this numbers are increasing day by day.
In our rapid shrinking world and at the time of information explosion, what will prevail is what will work. Let us give a chance to the old wisdom, the ancient acupuncture, with the new millenium concept of healing, to have a fair chance in aiding us for good health and longevity. I am feel certain that 21st century medicine will witness the inevitable and long awaited reconciliation of science, philosophy and art, East and West, Old and New to make our body healthier, sane and balance..."
Why Our Academy ?
If you cannot go to China or US for acupuncture training, then our academy is the right place for your to come.
Special Package Program
For Arabic Students & Third World Contries
7 - 30 Days Intensive Course ( According to your choice)
We set up special program for Student from Middle East or Arab countries to study TCM and alternative medicine in Malaysia. We will give special guide and training for those who are very weak in English.
Student from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon,Palestine, Turkey, Egypt, Tunesia, Algeria, Morrocco, Libya, South Africa, Bangladesh, India , Pakistan and African Countries are given special discount - A Package Program.
The Course fee For Diploma In Acupuncture is US $1,500.00 including Diploma In Acupuncture, Student Card / ID / Lisence to practice for one year and academic transcrip. It is one of the cheapest in the world. All fee please Pay direct to the bank through telegrafic transfer or t.t.
                                 Welcome to Malaysia.
Featured Highlight
  • Learn basic classical acupuncture
  • Learn treating common ailments
  • good teaching facilities
  • Good teachers and lecturers
  • Practical training in Hospital

Our Place is The Ideal Place for beginners like YOU !

While study classical acupuncture, you may take a chance to study wide range of diversified alternative medical course at our college & Hospital such as homeopathy, reflexology, sufism, hijamah, etc.

Study at You Own Time &

At Your Own Pace.

If you want to be a good and successful acupuncturist,

our academy RIMAC is the best place for you to start with.

Dont Wait Till Tomorrow What You Can Do Today

Apply Now, The addmission is open For year 2009 - 2010

E Mail us at:   fahom1222@yahoo.com         or


Further Reading     http://acumalay.blogspot.com

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to further promote the interests of our organization and our members to the community.
  • All RIMAc members are bound by strict codes of Practice, Ethics and Disciplinary Procedures, all our members are ensure that patients are offered the highest standards of profesional care during their acupuncture treatment.
  • We will give fast and best services available.

Our College & Clinic Address'
Acupuncture & Homeopathic Medical Centre
No.122 Taman University, Kg Gelang Mas, Pasir Mas,
Kelantan, Malaysia.
Tel: 019-9401915  , 09-7972948 or KL 03-26926549