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Prof Dr Nik Omar
Chairman ICAOCM Malaysia 2009

Message From The President / Chairman
ICACM  Malaysia 2009
4 & 5th October 2009
This is to inform you that we are organizing the 8 th International Conference On Acupuncture, Homeopathy , Oriental & Complementary Medicine - Icaocm at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 4 & 5th October 2009
As this is considered as the biggest event for alternative / complementary medicine in this millenium, we are very happy to invite you and your friends to this conference.
We all know that alternative / complementary medicine is an important component of human civilization. In the history of human and social development, it has made significant contributions to the growth and prosperity of all nations of the world.
Today it is still playing a due role in the peoples's medical and healthcare services. The World Health Organisation has attached a great importance of TCM education, research and development all over the world, as it has reach a new level and make a great contibutions to the people healthcare system.
Our Research Centre of education in complementary at Pasir Mas Kelantan, Malaysia with the help of state and Federal Government of Malaysia, has been consistently attaching a great importance to the exchange on cooperation of TCM among countries, and positively promoting the application and development of TCM in this new century.
For the last 35 years of our struggles, at last in year 2000, Complementary Medicine in Malaysia including Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Malay Medicine, Chinese and Indian Medicine has been recognised by The Ministry of Health Malaysia.
The purpose of this International Conference is to enhance the cooperation among health workers, Ngo's and government of different countries, to promote the unity of TCM practitioners of various countries, exchange the knowledge and scientific program, etc.
This ICAHCM 2009  in Malaysia is co-sponsored by various alternative /complemetary medical organisation and government agencies, will be a great gathering in TCM in Asia at the turning point of the century.
May I take this opportunity to invite and welcome all of you, including your friends and famliy together in this coming International Conference at Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia on 4 & 5th October 2009
I have no doubt that with the application and development of TCM, the people healthcare of this century will turn to a new chapte. Let us join together whole-hearted in this conference and make it a great success.
Welcome To Malaysia
Visit Malaysia Year 2009
With best wishes and good luck
Prof Dr Nik Omar
Icahcm Malaysia 2009

International Conference On
Acupuncture,Homeopathy, Oriental &
Complementary Medicine,
ICAOCM, Malaysia  - 4 & 5th October., 2009
Scientific Program
  • Latest Research & Development in TCM / Alternative / Complementary Medicine
  • Surgical Cases Cured by  Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Indian , Malay  & Complementary Medicine
  • Role of TCM / Complementary Medicine in Cancer, Hepatitis, AIDS, Psychiatric or psychological cases.
  • The Miracle Cure of Alternative / Complementary Medicine.
  • Future and Scope of Altertanative, Oriental / Complementary Medicine. 
  • *** Speakers Are Welcome.

All papers must be original and never publish earlier.

Our Homeopathic & Acupuncture Academy In Malaysia
With the area of 10.5 acres, perhaps it is the biggest in Asia

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Chairman ICHCM 2009
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For Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan visa will be granted in groups
EEU, US & Asean Countries, Visa are not required.
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